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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Another nice weekend-

Sometimes its just really nice to have a weekend without too many tasks and requirements. This weekend was one of those for me. Its been wonderful.

Friday night was a movie date with the spouse, a creepy, suspense drama, Notes on a Scandal. We both really enjoyed this story and if you like drama films, this one is a dandy.

Saturday I got to stay home most of the day except for a few errands for myself. I spent most of the afternoon working on the Suzuki and by supper time it was running! It didn't start up immediately when I hit the button but it didn't smoke any of the wires that had been disconnected over the past few weeks either. I figure that's a success story in itself! Anyway, with some old fuel drained out of the float bowls and a little starter fluid, it was running!

I do still have to take the fuel tank off and drain it to remove some floaties inside that appear to be a previously installed rust prevention coating that is failing and coming loose inside the tank.

Today it was a glorious day for skiing in the mountains and that's what I did with son Kye. It was warm and sunny and the snow, even though its only half as deep as it should be, was soft and fast. Kye took me out through the trees this afternoon and I followed him all day even though I don't normally venture into the trees. But we had a great time on a wonderful winter afternoon.

Supper tonight was sandwiches at Village Inn, kind of early and then back home. I talked to Mom for quite a while, she's doing great and well recovered from her heart surgery. She is getting cardio rehab 3 days per week and walking the outdoor track around the local hockey rink 3 more days each week. Mom's walking 2 miles in 40 minutes each time she goes to the track and feeling very good. She is driving and resuming most of her usual activities around the house. She really sounds very good compared to how sick she was back in October and November.

I also talked to Dad tonight for so long that I worried about my cell phone's battery dieing! It didn't and we had a great chat about everything and nothing at all. Dad's active in his church and serving as a Trustee and what a challenge it is! I'm glad he's able to manage all the folks wanting things done just their way and all the meetings that are required.

Finally tonight I was able to spend at least an hour practicing on my guitar. I can just almost scratch out a song using 2 strings and 6 notes. I still have trouble keeping track of which notes I'm supposed to be playing but my efforts are beginning to sound like a little something.

Now its time for bed and snuggling my Sweetie!

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